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Triple Alpha Quality Standards

We partner with SFR funds to transform blighted homes into high-quality income properties. Before we list any property for sale, our team completes a vigorous final punch list to make sure that each property meets both industry standards and our high quality standards. We also ensure that each property we renovate meets local regulations and goes beyond municipal standards for rentals. 


We have a minimum criteria that every home must meet before we ever consider investing in it. Houses that don’t meet this standard are not purchased. We do this to eliminate homes that may never meet our desired rent-ready standards. 


Professional Partners


At Triple Alpha, we use professionals at all stages of our projects in order to avoid sub-standard results. For every project, our team of engineers, surveyors, architects, and other professionals work together to ensure high quality work. 

List of projects:

1081 Muldowney

4021 Center

357 Collins

665 Montclair

179 Orchard


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