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House Renovation


Triple Alpha works hand-in-hand with SFR Funds to transform undervalued or abandoned homes into income-generating properties. We are constantly adding to our portfolio and expanding into new markets throughout the United States. 

How it Began

Triple Alpha was founded in 2020 by three life-long friends: a real estate executive and two veteran Army Officers. The friends and frequent collaborators often dreamed of building a business together that would change the real estate industry by bringing value to underserved areas of the country. They decided, What better time than the pandemic to finally get the ball rolling and establish Triple Alpha? 

Even these three dreamers couldn't have envisioned the success Triple Alpha has already experienced in two short years of being in business. With over 150 projects completed, our team is rapidly growing and establishing new projects in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states to come. We also have established relationships with major hedge funds in the U.S. that partner with us to add to their SFR holdings. 

Triple Alpha couldn't have experienced early success like this without the help of our local construction and real estate professional partners. They allow us to streamline our process and flip properties fast. We truly have the best team in the business!

Triple Alpha is Built on Three Pilars: 

  • Integrity: We believe in transparency, reliability, and we stand behind every project we complete 

  • Mutual Benefits: We want all stakeholders to benefit from the work we do 

  • Community: We believe in the communities in which we work and strive to improve them and give back to the people who call them home. 

Our Team

Meet The Team

Erez Leibovitz Levy, Adv.
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Erez is married with three children. Before becoming a founding partner of Triple Alpha, he was the vice president of a large public real estate development company in Israel. 

Kfir Almog
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Before becoming a founding partner of Triple Alpha, Kfir was a lieutenant colonel in the MediCorps reserves in Israel. He is married with four children. 

Uri Hagay
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Uri was a lieutenant colonel in the infantry reserve in Israel before becoming a founding partner of Triple Alpha. He is married with four children.  

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